Recreational Skippers Ticket Cost

The more people YOU find, the cheaper it is for YOU.
Book now then add mates later for better prices.

BEGINNER+2hr Combo

$270 ($300 value)
$50 – 1 x theory exams
$50 – 1 x practical test
$200 – 2 hours practical training
incl. $30 discount (if a booking is made and paid now online at time of booking)

Basic+1hr Combo

$180 ($200 value)
$50 – 1 x theory exam
$50 – 1 x practical test
$100 – 1 hour practical training
incl $20 discount (if a booking is made and paid now online at time of booking).

Best for experienced people who just need quick demo,quick practice and the test.


$80 each.


Recreational Skippers Ticket are done in YOUR boat at your marina, boat ramp, mooring. ANYTIME you want, ANYWHERE you want. We have so many mobile assessors we can dispatch one to you where you want when you want*.

Theory and Practical is done at the same time at the same place.

EXMOUTH Skippers Ticket:

A local Master Trainer living in Exmouth can do your Skippers Ticket as well as Coxswains Grade 2.


Available at COOGEE, HILLARYS or MAYLANDS (Every Day – yes, 7 days a week)

call us on 08 64682763

When using one of our boats we will need to work with its schedule of bookings for that day, however if you are using your own boat our mobile asssessor will come to you wherever you want, whenever you want*